My PhD is on the subject of Endocrine inspired control mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks. In particular looking at whether such techniques/ideas are able to improve the quality and quantity of scientific data returned by a Wireless Sensor Network.


  • Clarke, M. and Blanchard, T. “Development of a Control System for a Skid-Steer Amphibious Vehicle”, in proceedings of TAROS 2010, Plymouth, UK, Pages 41 – 46, Sept 2nd 2010.
  • Neal, M., Blanchard, T., Hubbard, A., Chauché, N., Bates, R. and Woodward, J. “A hardware proof of concept for a remote-controlled glacier-surveying boat”,  Journal of Field Robotics, Volume 29 Issue 6,  Pages 880-890, November 2012.

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