As part of my attempt to keep playing with bits of hardware, and procrastinate, while I write up my PhD I recently decided to make a wireless accelerometer. I’m not quite sure what gave me the idea, other than the fact I had an ADXL345 accelerometer module sat on my desk, unused. Instead of my […]

I’ve been buying various electrical bits and bobs for a while now and I’ve developed a fairly short goto list of e-tailers to  use when I need to find something. For most things electrical RS or Farnell is the way to go, they have high stock volumes, fast delivery times, sensible costs and I can actually find […]

I recently left my Kindle eReader on a flight back from France. I realised my mistake 5 minutes after getting out of the plane but couldn’t get back to retrieve it. To be honest I thought that I’d never see it again, mainly as I was flying with the budget airline EasyJet. Now I don’t […]

I’ve recently become aware of Moteino, a very low cost but powerful platform for wireless sensor networks. Felix at LowPowerLabs has done a fantastic job designing and building the devices, which come with 4Mbit of flash and a 433/868/915MHz transceiver, all for less than $20. Moteino is based around an Atmel 328p, running at 16MHz, […]

I should preface this post with the fact that it is rarely necessary to reset a microcontroller as part of the normal operation of your program. That being said, it may sometimes be appropriate. I use it when I “reset” a node and clear it’s EEEPROM. There are a few ways to reset an Arduino […]

I recently had the opportunity to attend NERCs (Natural Environment Research Council) third, and final, “Networks of Sensors” Annual Technology Showcase Event. It was particularly interesting as my area of research falls under sensor networks, in particular real-word deployments. It was a good opportunity to see what others had done with a fair bit of funding. […]

I recently decided to buy a pair of “Powerline Adapters” to use at home. These, essentially, let you use the power cabling in your house as an Ethernet cable. My existing setup of a Linksys WRT54GL running as a wireless bridge, was starting to annoy me with its constant need to be restarted. I did buy a […]