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TV LED Backlight

This Sunday afternoon I found myself without much to do. As I tend to in such situations, I turned to my box of electronics-y bits and pieces and pondered what I could cobble together quickly. The thing that first caught my eye was a 60 RGB LED strip I’d bought a few months back but hadn’t […]

Moving House

It’s that time again, time to move house. As a semi-perpetual student I should probably be used to it by now, but I have to admit I’m starting to get pretty tired of it. In the almost 8 years that I’ve been studying (Undergrad + PhD) I have moved house at least once a year, […]

Proto-pic, a mixed experience.

I’ve been buying various electrical bits and bobs for a while now and I’ve developed a fairly short goto list of e-tailers to  use when I need to find something. For most things electrical RS or Farnell is the way to go, they have high stock volumes, fast delivery times, sensible costs and I can actually find […]

My Kindle made it home

I recently left my Kindle eReader on a flight back from France. I realised my mistake 5 minutes after getting out of the plane but couldn’t get back to retrieve it. To be honest I thought that I’d never see it again, mainly as I was flying with the budget airline EasyJet. Now I don’t […]

Powerline adapter review

I recently decided to buy a pair of “Powerline Adapters” to use at home. These, essentially, let you use the power cabling in your house as an Ethernet cable. My existing setup of a Linksys WRT54GL running as a wireless bridge, was starting to annoy me with its constant need to be restarted. I did buy a […]