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TV LED Backlight

This Sunday afternoon I found myself without much to do. As I tend to in such situations, I turned to my box of electronics-y bits and pieces and pondered what I could cobble together quickly. The thing that first caught my eye was a 60 RGB LED strip I’d bought a few months back but hadn’t […]

Wireless Accelerometer

As part of my attempt to keep playing with bits of hardware, and procrastinate, while I write up my PhD I recently decided to make a wireless accelerometer. I’m not quite sure what gave me the idea, other than the fact I had an ADXL345 accelerometer module sat on my desk, unused. Instead of my […]

Improved Data Visualiser

So I managed to find some time to make a few improvements to my data visualisation program. In no particular order they are: Threaded file loading, which stops everything from locking up while the data is loaded and processed. I didn’t expect it to take long to load the files but actually processing them into […]

Quick Data Visualiser

I have had a network of 5 nodes deployed for almost two weeks now and I thought it would be good to be able to visualise the data. Again it’s written in Java because I seem to be enjoying working with it at the moment! Needs a lot of work, but not bad for a […]

Simplifying Mesh Network Deployment

Simplifying Mesh Network Deployment – NetDeployer

Over the course of my PhD I have needed (and continue to need) to conduct experiments to test theories/ideas relating to Wireless Sensor Networks. I could have opted to do this in simulation, in fact that may have been the sensible choice. However, I’ve always enjoyed playing with bits of electronics and this seemed a […]