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Glowy Shell Project – Part 2

First order of business was to work out roughly a maximum size for the pcb so I knew what I had to work with. After breaking out the ruler, I figured that I had a 40 x 30 mm rectangle or a 50 x 40 mm oval-ish shape, plenty of spacefor everything if I made a […]

Glowy Shell Project – part 1(ish)

Glowy Shell Project – part 1(ish) I’ve recently been working on a project where I’ve tried to go from idea all the way through to a finished “product” (although I have no intention of selling it). I quite often start a project and get bored/distracted once I’ve project to myself that the idea is possible. […]

TV LED Backlight

This Sunday afternoon I found myself without much to do. As I tend to in such situations, I turned to my box of electronics-y bits and pieces and pondered what I could cobble together quickly. The thing that first caught my eye was a 60 RGB LED strip I’d bought a few months back but hadn’t […]

Teaching Programming Using Arduino

As a PhD student I seem to spend substantial amounts of time teaching, marking or writing worksheets and practicals. Although I should probably be spending this time writing my thesis or doing other research work, teaching is something I’ve always enjoyed. This year at Aberystwyth we completely reorganised our first year. One of the big changes […]

FTDI woes

This afternoon I was happily working away writing code and occasionally uploading it a few Moteinos. I was just getting used to the little “beep boop” noises Windows makes every time you plug/unplug a new USB device, when they stopped and my upload failed. Rather confused, I checked the available COM ports using the Arduino […]

Wireless Accelerometer

As part of my attempt to keep playing with bits of hardware, and procrastinate, while I write up my PhD I recently decided to make a wireless accelerometer. I’m not quite sure what gave me the idea, other than the fact I had an ADXL345 accelerometer module sat on my desk, unused. Instead of my […]

Proto-pic, a mixed experience.

I’ve been buying various electrical bits and bobs for a while now and I’ve developed a fairly short goto list of e-tailers to  use when I need to find something. For most things electrical RS or Farnell is the way to go, they have high stock volumes, fast delivery times, sensible costs and I can actually find […]