I am currently a PhD student at Aberystwyth University. My research is on applying ideas/techniques inspired by the endocrine system to Wireless Sensor Networks. At the moment I am looking at whether the quality of data from a WSN can be improved using this approach.

I finished my degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in 2011. My dissertation was on the development of an autonomous submersible data buoy, somewhat similar to ARGO floats. The goal of the project being to create a device capable of measuring water quality down to a depth of 200m and transmitting the data back over a satellite modem. A copy of my dissertation is available here. It was quite a successful project and something I’d like to continue working on, if I get the time.

As part of my degree I did spent a year working for the Field Robotics Group at Aberystwyth University. The year was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to ongoing research and gain some experience in working with autonomous systems. I worked on numerous projects during the year including;  the Rees Scan project,  Minty the autonomous boat and several other smaller projects.

I have played guitar for almost 15 years and have yet to settle on a style I like the most. I am currently into classical music/general finger style stuff. I like to try to keep fairly fit as most of my work involves being sat in front of a screen all day. Most of my exercise comes in the form of cycling or swimming depending on the weathe.


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